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VAT plus - VAT Compliance Made Easy

Cloud Based Solution

Registration, Returns
& Payment

Secure Access &
Disaster Recovery

Customized App Interface
& Dashboard

Integration with other

24/7 Customer

VAT Plus - Product Features

Cloud Based Solution

  • VAT software is cloud based and hence eliminates the need to install complicated ERP softwares.
  • Can be accessed remotely also using login details through any device.

Registration, Returns & Payment

  • System is connected to the government servers and allows company registration, return filing and VAT payment directly through the same platform.

Secure Access & Disaster Recovery

  • Data is stored on a cloud server and can only be accessed by authorized personnel.
  • Extra security features to reduce the risks of external hacks and cyber crime.
  • Data is hosted locally in UAE.

Customized App Interface & Dashboard

  • Users can access all details including reports through the mobile app.
  • The system dashboard alerts users of pending payments and filings along with updates and historical data.

Integration with Other Platforms

  • The software provides seamless integration with other accounting softwares including Tally, Focus Quickbooks, Clearbooks etc.
  • This shall ensure continuity for customers using these accounting softwares.

24/7 Customer Care

  • Customers will have access to a 24/7 customer care and support centre
  • Technical assistance and grievance handling to be handled promptly by trained staff.