UAE VAT and Domicile Certificate, Tax Certificate FAQ’s

MoF offers two types of Tax Certificates for qualified government entities, private sector firms and individuals living and working in the UAE, namely:

  1. (Value Added Tax) VAT Certificate
  2. Tax Domicile Certificate, to spare them from Value Added Tax (VAT), and to take benefit of double taxation

avoidance agreements signed by the UAE. This completely automated online service is applicable to paying fees and submitting the required documents. Certificates will be eventually issued and sent to requesters via express courier.

UAE Value Added Tax Certificate?

It is a certificate granted to institutions or individuals to exempt them from the VAT in various?s countries, regardless of the presence of an agreement.

UAE Tax Domicile Certificate?

It is a certificate granted to take benefit of double taxation avoidance agreements signed by the UAE.

To know the procedure to get the certificate of registrations under the UAE federal tax authority, read vat registration process.

Download UAE VAT Certificate Form

VAT Certificate FAQ’s

What is the time duration of the validity of the certificate?

The certificate comes with a validity of one year (from the mentioned date by the supplier).

What is the validity of the audited financial accounts report?

The audited financial accounts report should be attached to the certificate request of the current year along with the last year’s report.

When is Corporate liable to surrender the certificate?

The firm should be active in the state for minimum 1 year.

When are individuals entitled to submit the certificate?

The individuals must be staying 180 days as the resident of UAE.

What are the types of documents and the requisite fees?

  • An official letter duly signed by the authorised signatory
  • A copy of act of incorporation and the decree
  • Payment of 503 Dirhams is to be done via e-Dirham Card