Process of Making VAT Payments in UAE using GIBAN

GIBAN has been introduced by the FTA (Federal Tax Authority) as an alternative method for making VAT payments in UAE. The existing tax payment systems, including e-Dirham and credit card facility, will continue to work. However, starting from 28th February 2018, taxpayers can use GIBAN facility for an easier and faster payment of taxes. Continue reading to know more about GIBAN and how to make VAT payments using this method.

How Does VAT Payment Process Works In UAE?

Everything you should about GIBAN

GIBAN, or Generated International Bank Account Number, is a unique account number that will be automatically assigned to each taxpayer registered under VAT UAE. The number will enable taxpayers to pay their tax dues by making a direct transfer of funds from certain financial institutions in the UAE. This will ensure a timely processing of funds.


Any registered taxpayer in the UAE can obtain GIBAN and use the unique number for making payments of their due VAT, Excise tax and/or related penalties.

How to obtain a GIBAN?

The GIBAN is automatically associated with the TRN (Tax Registration Number) of every registered taxpayer, and the payment option has already been added to the FTA website. The taxpayers can check their GIBAN details on their FTA account dashboard.

How to Pay Taxes using GIBAN?

The processing for paying tax dues using GIBAN is simple. Following the steps below to make a payment.

Step 1: FTA e-Service Portal

Login to FTA portal using your account details. Your GIBAN will be available on the dashboard. Separate GIBANs are assigned for VAT and Excise Tax. Make sure to use the right one.

Step 2: Selection of Payment Option

Under GIBAN method, there are two payment options: Online banking and through the bank branch. You need to select the one you prefer.

Step 3A: GIBAN through Online Banking

  • If you choose the online banking option, you can make payment through internet banking.
  • Log in to your online banking account. Use your GIBAN to attach FTA as a new beneficiary.
  • Once the beneficiary is approved, make the transfer by visiting the fund transfer option.
  • Make sure to enter the right amount that you need to pay.
  • The transaction will be automatically processed upon GIBAN validation.

Step 3B: GIBAN Payment through Bank Branch

  • Visit the branch of your bank.
  • Ask them to accept the payment and provide GIBAN number.

Step 4: Payment Confirmation

Once the tax payment is made by you online/offline, visit the FTA e-Service portal and login to your account.

Click on ‘My Payments’ tab to see if your latest transaction is appearing in the Transaction History. It may take up to 24 hours for the payment to reflect here.

Since GIBAN allows taxpayers to make payment of taxes through available financial institutions in the UAE, it is an easy, affordable and faster method of payment.

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