UAE VAT Calculator – Learn How To Use Online VAT Calculator

On Tuesday, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has launched a VAT Calculator in UAE that can be used to instantly calculate the estimated Value Added Tax for all the goods and services being availed by any consumer. This step has been taken to make the VAT system more transparent in the country.

Process To Use VAT Calculator UAE

  1. Go to the FTA Official website.
  2. Scroll to the ‘Getting Help’ tab, where one can find the box to enter the amount without VAT.
  3. Enter the amount excluding VAT in this box.
  4. Now calculator will display the tax amount and the price including VAT.

UAE VAT Calculator

Click Here To Use The VAT Calculator UAE

Tax Registration Number Verification Service

Apart from the VAT Calculator, a Tax Registration Number (TRN) verification service was also launched for the Tax Registration Number (TRN) verification service.

TRN plays important role in UAE VAT. If you still don’t know what is Tax Registration Number, Take a look at What Is TRN And Why Is It Important

This latest facility can be availed from the official website to check the credibility of the tax invoices providers. One can check that whether the service providers are registered with the FTA or not.

Director of Tax Compliance and Enforcement Statement

The director of Tax Compliance and Enforcement, Sarah Al-Habshi, said that these two new services are meant to protect the consumer’s rights and at the same time will be effective in preventing attempts of price manipulation.

He also said that the TRN verification service available at the official website is very fast and accurate and can be used to match the TRN on invoices by scrolling to the ‘TRN Verification’ section on the FTA website.

UAE TRN Verification

And after that go to the ‘Geeting Help’ section and input the TRN number of the invoice and if the input data will be correct then the name of the company will be displayed in both English and Arabic.

The TRN Verification service is fast, accurate and seamless, Al-Habshi explained, adding that consumers can enter the TRN found on their invoices on the “TRN Verification” section of the “Getting Help” tab on the FTA website, then, if the number is correct, the website will display the company’s name in English and Arabic and if the company is not registered then the number entered will not give any result.

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