UAE Tax Authorities Introduced VAT Roadshow

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA), UAE has introduced a roadshow in order to assist business who are not registered yet under the ambit of value-added tax (VAT) and render a profit of the exemption provided by the FTA up to April 30.

These new initiatives will start in all seven emirates with the help of economic departments and municipalities until April 24, as mentioned by the FTA.

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During the roadshow, FTA tax analysts, representatives and experts in regard of tax registration will run workshops and seminars in order to aware taxable businesses about the three-stage registration procedure, which hardly takes up to 20 minutes to complete the process.

As per the Federal Tax Authority, the roadshow will be as well helping in reducing the problems faced by businesses while registering through the portal.

The tour starts on April 15 in Abu Dhabi and on April 16 in Dubai. Further, the two events with the Ajman Department of Economic Development (DED) will be included on Tuesday and Wednesday and event with Sharjah will be placed on Thursday, April 19, by Umm Al Quwain on April 22 and 23 and lastly with Fujairah Municipality on April 24.

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