Petrol and Diesel price increased in UAE for April 2019

The UAE Ministry of Energy and Industry have announced the new fewel prices in the country for the month of April 2019. The price hike is nothing new as a gradual increase in the petrol and diesel prices sometimes is not felt hard and affects directly to the people’s budget and pocket but considering as a whole, it matters when we have to fulfil the other necessities of life also along with just the travel part.

It is on Thursday that the UAE got the fuel prices revised for the April month. The UAE fuel price for April 2019 has been announced by the Ministry of Energy and Industry.

The fuel price would be including the Value-added tax (VAT). The price hike would largely affect the Drivers for whom petrol is an everyday affair as the price is increasing significantly in the month of April.

The VAT would also be charged with the fuel and would be charged at 5 percent. So the matter is to make haste if one is planning to get the pump filled!

The charges for the different quality of petrol and diesel which have experienced hike are as follows

Petrol price in UAE per litre:

  • The drivers have to pay Dhs2.23 per litre for Super 98 which was Dhs2.04 in March
  • Special 95 would be costing Dhs2.11 per litre experiencing an increase of 19 fils from Dhs1.92 last month
  • The diesel would be priced at Dhs2.49 per litre for April which is an increase of 8 fils, which was Dh2.41 in March. Thus the revised price for diesel is Dh2.49 a litre.Thus we see that diesel would this month be more expensive from what it was in March.

Looking back, the UAE’s Ministry of Energy took the initial step to get the fuel price settled, based on the average global prices in August 2015.

Before this, the petrol price in UAE has been subsidised by the government, which prevented the consumers from the effect of the global fluctuations in the cost of petrol.


  • January: Dhs2
  • February: Dhs1.95
  • March: Dhs2.04
  • April: Dhs2.23

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